The Love CV

When you’re speaking to somebody, just lightly touch them with your hand on the arm, I’ve always found that to be quite rewarding.


My ideal is brunette, about 5ft 4in, shapely legs.

Dating rules?

No rules, it’s utter anarchy – make it up as you go along.

First kiss?

I was 12 when I first French-kissed a girl. I was utterly appalled at this wetness on my face, but after 10 minutes I got into it in a big way.

Love at first sight?

I believe it’s a biological trick played on us – it’s just a very strong attraction to get us to procreate.

Define love?

A feeling of being at one with nature with someone you care for, I feel it on the beach or on a country walk. The world is peaceful and it’s quite awesome.

Infidelity ever acceptable?

I’ve never thought that being unfaithful was a reason for someone to leave me or for me to leave somebody. I don’t think it’s worth throwing in a relationship because somebody has been weak. Sex is such a powerful force.

Ever been to a sex shop?

I went on an errand for somebody else. Not one that sells gas masks and all that paraphernalia, I’m talking high-street stuff.